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Dr. Ma porforming surgery when she was in China.
Her whole life is contributed to studying, researching, and helping patients. She is an expert in using Chinese medicine to treat various deseases, and she is in particular good at solving difficulties couples faced with to have to baby.
Dr. Ma was a native of China and was brought up in Beijing. In 1976, she graduated from  University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Heilongjiang, China. After gruduation, she worked in Da Qing Municipal Hospital as a director, chief physician and director of Medical Affairs Department. Before she migrated to USA, Dr. Ma had studied and practiced GYN for 33 years and combined TCM with western medicine and operations, which she utilized  in her outstanding clinical practice.

In 1976, Dr. Ma started her studies in GYN clinical theories and began to treat patients with combined methods of TCM and western medicine. She has made very comprehensive researches in the treatment of complicated GYN diseases such as infertility, endometriosis uterina, amenia, and GYN tumors, etc. She has written a great number of related thesis in the following fields: Clinical Applications of Spleen Inbigorating Decoction to Treat Emmeniopathy, Diagnosis of Metrorrhagia, Puberty Ameria, and Infertility Treatment with Intergrated Medicine. Some of the thesis have been selected for national GYN seminar realease.

To understand the roots and diagnoses of intertility and GYN tumors, Dr. Ma has made special trips to Beijing to exchanges studies with experts, especially with experts at the Chinese Navy Hospital Center in Beijing. After years of studies, Dr. Ma initiated an effective appoach in the treamment of infertility based on the combination of western medical theories and TCM diagnosis. Her outstanding medical skills made many women reproductive.

Dr. Ma has been appointed  professor of University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Heilongjiang, China and director of the Eighth Clinical Research Office. She is also a member of Chinese National Herbal Doctors Association and member of GYN Science and Technology Association.

In 1991, Dr. Ma was invited to USA for academic exchanges and started her teaching in Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. She was appointed as GYN director of the Institute and GYN professor of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.. She had compiled instruction manuals and outlines for Chinese medical colleges such as Clinical Treatment of GYN wwith TCM. In 1996, Dr. Ma was selected as ouststanding Instructor in Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

In 1996, Dr. Ma founded Seattle Chinese Medical Center. Her skillful treatment won her the fame of Goddess of Reproduction. For many years, Dr. Ma has been invited for lectures in Medical College of Wasington University on the prevention and TCM treatment of enfometriosis uterina. Meanwhile, she was invited as a reaearcher of Asian Women Cervical Cancer Prevention Center.